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Trans Tahoe Adds Solo Division to Join Ultramarathon Swim Series

The iconic Trans Tahoe Relay, the largest and most historic open water relay event in North America, is now part of the 2022 Ultramarathon Swim Series. The new Ultramarathon Swim Series combines elite and professional open water swimmers with amateur marathon swimmers.

Adding a solo division to the 15.5 kilometer course at 6,000 feet (1829 meters) of altitude in water temperature between 12-15 degrees C (55-60 degrees F) puts the event on par with some of the toughest marathon swims around the world.

The solo division will be held concurrently with the relay portion of the event on July 16th, 2022.  

 “Many Olympians, world champions, and professional marathon swimmers have participated in the Relays.  But now soloists can race and compete on this famed course – and enjoy the unparalleled ambience of the pre- and post-race activities in Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe is also famous for solo crossings but now the venue is part of the new Ultramarathon Swim Series that ties marathon swimming events around the world in a unified manner.” said Steven Munatones. 

“The Olympic Club is looking forward to partnering with WOWSA to bring solo crossings to the Trans Tahoe Relay. Adding professional and amateur solo swimmers to the race will add a new level of competition and excitement to the race.” – Bobby Savulich, Trans Tahoe Race Director

The event is certified by the World Open Water Swimming Association and run by the Olympic Club of San Francisco.

Space is extremely limited for the inaugural solo crossing and athletes must apply through the Ultramarathon Swim Series website.

About Trans Tahoe Relay

Trans Tahoe Relay began in 1976 when Olympian Frank Conghlan proposed the idea of a race between the Dolphin Club and Olympic Club of San Francisco across the beautiful, clear waters of Lake Tahoe. With over 1,000 swimmers, the event has become an annual reunion among masters swimmers around the world.

About the Ultramarathon Swim Series

The circuit organizes and promotes the world’s coldest, hardest, longest, toughest, most extreme open water swims around the world. The Series is by, for, and about ultramarathon and extreme open water swimmers. For more information on how to participate in the series as an athlete or event organizer, visit the Ultramarathon Swim Series event organizer area for more information

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