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The Ultramarathon Swim Series

An initiative dedicated to the preservation of the world's most revered marathon races in a global swim series.

In response to the absence of a series exclusively devoted to long-distance ultramarathon swims, WOWSA has taken the opportunity to embark on an endeavor to ensure the enduring legacy of iconic events in a global swim series.

Historical Significance:
The Ultramarathon Swim Series carries a significant historical legacy in the world of open water swimming. In 2018, the renowned FINA 10km Swimming World Cup underwent a rebranding, evolving into the FINA Marathon Swim World Series with a focus on the 10km distance. Additionally, the Open Water Swimming Grand Prix Series, renowned for its longer races in rivers and other challenging bodies of water, was transformed into the FINA UltraMarathon Swim Series. These changes were initiated by FINA (now World Aquatics) to establish a more organized and globally recognized World Series for ultramarathon swimming. Despite the presence of various world championships since 1927, it was FINA’s efforts that culminated in the creation of a structured series for ultramarathon swimming. However, after 2021, FINA discontinued its involvement with the series.

Continuing the Legacy:
Recognizing the value and historical significance of these iconic races, WOWSA has stepped in to preserve and revive the UltraMarathon Swim Series, particularly emphasizing races over 15km, including the highly regarded 25km distances. The aim is to ensure the continuation of these extraordinary events and provide a platform for swimmers to showcase their athleticism in these remarkable challenges.

Gradual Growth:
With new ownership at the helm, WOWSA embraces the Ultramarathon Swim Series with a humble mindset. Our foremost goal is to secure the endurance of these beloved races within a series framework, while carefully and gradually expanding the scope in the years to come. We will commit to preserving the genuine spirit and integrity of each event, offering an unparalleled experience that resonates with both athletes and fans.

A Global Celebration:
The Ultramarathon Swim Series transcends borders, encompassing races from all corners of the world. From the rugged coastlines of Europe to the serene waters of the South Pacific, these events epitomize the spirit of open water swimming. We invite swimmers, both professional and amateur, from all nations to participate and celebrate the universal passion for long-distance swimming.

Building a Future Together:
As we embark on this journey, we seek to foster collaboration and unity within the swimming community. We welcome the input and insights of race directors, athletes, and fans to collectively shape the growth and evolution of the Ultramarathon Swim Series. Together, we can ensure the continued success and prosperity of these extraordinary races.

Prize Money and Recognition:
In due course, our vision includes the establishment of prize money for the Ultramarathon Swim Series, acknowledging the dedication and excellence of participating athletes. This serves as an additional incentive for swimmers to push their limits and achieve greatness in these remarkable endurance challenges.

Join us in celebrating the revival of the Ultramarathon Swim Series. Together, let us preserve the heritage of marathon swimming and create a world-class platform for these iconic races. Stay tuned for updates and be part of this extraordinary journey.

Dedicated to the preservation of the world's most revered marathon races in a global swim series.

Ultramarathon Swim Series

Dedicated to the preservation of the world’s most revered marathon races in a global swim series.

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