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Capri-Napoli Starts Off a Strong New Season of the UltraMarathon Swim Series

Capri-Napoli is the oldest marathon among the world open water swimming circuits and one of the most fascinating and difficult swimming marathons. In 1992 it awarded the long distance world title.

Now it is leg of the annual UltraMarathon Swim Series. The Gulf of Naples is the fascinating “race field” of this historic event which starts from Marina Grande in Capri and finishing at Naples seafront, over the distance of 36 km.

The duration of the competition in the last years, has been between 6 hours and 4′ and 6 hours and 45′, depending on sea and weather conditions – times very far from those of the first editions, when the victory came after swimming well over 10 hours!

Once again, the main sponsor of the event is Farmacosmo, the e-commerce site that has expanded the concept of online pharmacy. The company has decided to support this historic event again, which inextricably links sport and beauty.

Starting from the 2016 edition, the O.C. together with CONI (Italian Olimpic Committee) introduces the Trophy “Giulio Travaglio” for the best Italian athlete participating at the official race remembering a great friend and one the best swimmer won the race.

The Course

The Races

31 swimmers (26 men and 5 women)
6 nations: ARG – AUS – BEL – FRA – ITA – UK
9 solos + 2 duos + 3 relays
Among the relays swimmers: Claudio Plit (ARG)
35 swimmers (29 men and 6 women)
7 nations: ARG – AUS – FRA – HUN – ITA – UK – USA
4 solos + 2 duos + 5 relays
Among the relays swimmers: Marcelo Guiscardo (ARG)
25 swimmers (21 men and 4 women)
8 nations: AUT – BEL – ITA – MEX – SWE – TUR – UK – USA
6 solos + 1 duo + 4 relays
Among the relays swimmers: a team of 6 autistic boys who will try to finish the crossing

Swimmers already confirmed (deadline to receive forms: 30th July) for a maximum of 25 swimmers accepted (already present 7 nations of 3 continents)


Official web sites: and
Facebook page: @caprinapolimarathon

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